Child Learning Programs and Curriculum in Dunedin, Florida,

Kiddin’ Around Child Care in Dunedin FL provides educational child care programs designed to prepare your child for elementary school. Our specialized curriculum is customized for a variety of ages to find the right path for your child. We strive to create a safe and creative environment to aid in the education success of every child.
Extracurricular Activities:
Jungle Bus Gymnastics and Happy Feet Soccer


2 - 12 Month's


  • Your infant will be safe and loved as they go through learning experiences designed to address the individual needs and abilities of each child.
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12 -24 Month's


  • Our toddler program is created to provide guidance along with the independence they crave. We encourage exploration and promote cognitive, physical, social, emotional and language development.
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24 - 36 Month's


  • This program offers sensory-based activities along with individual and small-group experiences. From building an architectural masterpiece to creating an interpretive dance, our program is designed to nurture your child's education.
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30-36 Month's

Early Preschool

  • Our teachers work to help develop self-esteem during journal time and in-group activates. We introduce one concept at a time so your child feels proud instead of frustrated. 
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3-4 Year's


  • We focus on recognizing how each child learns in different subject and ways. we help children expand  on their own unique gifts with number, music, nature, and feelings.
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4-5 Year's

Pre-Kindergarten / VPK

  • Our curriculum builds on your child cognitive, social and emotional needs. Our teachers prepared them for the kindergarten classroom with lesson designed to ensure independent discovery.
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Opening Hours

Opening Hours

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